Self catering apartments in Rome and Venice


Self catering apartments in Rome and Venice

Our Story

In 1986 by a series of curious twists of fate, we found ourselves the proud possessors of two properties: a small palazzetto in Venice which was about to collapse into the canal in front, and a former hunting lodge in the centre of Rome, which, every time it rained, slipped slightly further down the Coelian hill at the top of which it was situated.

We have to admit that it did cross our minds to sell up and buy a mobile igloo for the family instead.

However we quickly discovered that not everyone is attracted to the purchase of houses about to fall into canals and/or to slither to the bottom of steep hills. To sell you need a buyer . It transpired, therefore, that selling was not really an option.

We had no choice other than to make the best of things. Restoring both properties bit by tiny bit, trying to keep as near as possible to the original, very different atmosphere of each one , we set up a business of holiday rentals.

To our amazement it was an immediate success. We kept on having to add more space in order to keep up with an ever growing waiting list of guests, friends of guests and friends of friends of guests from all over the world , appreciative of the fact that by virtue of the relatively limited space at oneĀ“s disposal this was always going to remain a family business.

We do not work with, nor are we, agents. Prices have been able to be kept at reasonable levels. Guest suggestions have invariably been carefully considered . We have become more professional. Orthopaedic mattresses throughout. House postcards. A bottle of sparkling wine on arrival. No more power cuts. Airport transfers. Fur blankets in winter. No more raining through the roof onto the beds (!).

Counting both properties we now have eight comfortable, cosy apartments of varying sizes. This is our full capacity. We will never have more. Here they are...

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